October 19 cusp astrology

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  2. Libra Scorpio Cusp Signs - The Cusp of Drama and Criticism
  3. Libra Scorpio Cusp – Cusp of Drama and Criticism

This is a typical characteristic of Libra Scorpio Cusp signs. Click here to find out your true Sun Sign Opens another page on this website. Definitely defines me Oct 25th. Hi Everyone! I am a Libra-Scorpion cusp and was wondering if anyone can tell me if I am compatible with Scorpion since I have a lot of Scorpion in my chart. Well, the attraction to Scorpio can be completely understood. You are attracted to to that part of who you are deep beneath the surface.

Your compatibility with a Scorpio can really depend. I am a Libra-Scorpio cusp as well, and have always found other Scorpios very tempting. Hi Elaine, Thanks for your reply. Thanks again.

Well…from a psychological point of view, OCD, along other psychological disorders, are attributed to many factors. Some may have a stronger risk of having OCD than others. A cusper may be prone to certain psychological disorders, just as a non-cusper may be prone. There is a lot behind a diagnosis of a pyschiatric disoder, such as schizophrenia, OCD, depression, etc.

I, of course, am approaching your question from a very scientific point of view. I hope this helps a bit. This is really interesting to know! What you said about having strong urges of obsession and compulsion, so does this mean that someone born at this time could be more prone to OCD? Hi Jenny, to be honest I am still delving deep into the characteristics of the Cusp Signs and, as for an invisible condition like OCD, I could not say. I have so many traits of both. This is very good to know. My mom is a scorpio and my dad is a Libra so I have always wondered which sign I am.

This explains me so well. I am very well suited as a businessman and not the best looking man but even really cute girls are attracted to me. Except certain signs lol. Hello, I am a Libra, born on the cusp of Scorpio, October 23rd. I have to read both horoscopes, but I once went to a psychic who said I am mostly Libra. I am trying to determine my compatibility with a Libra man. This is cool stuff. Check out my free sun sign calculator which will tell you your exact sun sign.

My dad is a Scorpio. The love of my life soon to be husband is also a Scorpio, he was born Oct. My bestfriend who introduced me to him, also a Scorpio. Hello Queen! I apologize for the VERY late response. I was born October 19th too! Soul sister, high five! My horoscope actually makes sense! Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These traits sometimes clash and sometimes create a perfect blend. The amalgamation of zodiac traits may come as your great blessing or may impart the burden of negative traits in turn. It opens a world of infinite possibilities and offers more and better opportunities to the natives who are born under this interesting cusp of zodiac signs.

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Are you born in a zodiac Cusp? If you are born three days before or after the change in the zodiac sign then you are probably on the Zodiac Cusps. There are twelve zodiac cusps in astrology and each has a specific name based on the energy, they carry and reflect. Read on to know if you are among the chosen ones who are born on any of 12 promising cusps of zodiac signs.

Birth on a zodiac cusp brings both negative and positive traits to your personality. You may be a great leader but also have a shy nature. This is the most powerful cusp zodiac sign. They have the fearlessness of Aries and firmness of Taurus. Having the qualities of Taurus, these people show more stability in work than their Aries counterparts. They can finish any tasks in minutes and are more concerned with materialistic pleasure. Here Fire and Earth form a union, sharing fiery strength and determination to the natives.

If you are born under Taurus-Gemini zodiac cusp , you are definitely a person of great physical strength and mental forte. This is a unique trait that may make you stand out of the crowd and build a great rapport in the society.

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They are friendly and have the ability to attract people towards them. This cusp of zodiac sign brings the elements of Air and Earth together, making them super motivated and creative persons of all the zodiac signs. This is the Zodiac Cusp of magic that brings fun, creativity, and compassion in the personality. The person born under this cusp loves traveling and has the desire to make others happy. They are good listeners and have great expressive power.

Libra Scorpio Cusp Signs - The Cusp of Drama and Criticism

In love, they are devoted and are considered as the most trusted zodiac sign in relationships. Little things in life may bring joy to their life and they usually get anxious about small obstructions in matters. These people have a special ability to influence people easily and overcome all sensitive issues with courage.

People born between these zodiac cusp dates are born with leadership skills and have an amazing ability to lead without getting in over their heads. They have traits of perfection and an analytic mind. They are playful as a Leo and self-critical as a Virgo. Such people feel stress in controlling things in order to strike a perfect balance in everything.

Libra Scorpio Cusp – Cusp of Drama and Criticism

The cusp of zodiac signs , Virgo and Libra create a beautiful amalgamation of beauty and grace. People born under this cusp are very thoughtful and have a critical eye over everything around them. They are caring but feel difficulty in settling down with anyone less than they deserve. Such people are judgmental and have a desire for fairness and equality.

Zodiac sign Libra and Scorpio cusp bring the quality of getting down to the situation with a skeptical mind. People under this cusp dates are forgiving as compared to Scorpio zodiac signs. They have the ability to look at the brighter side of events and have idealist nature. With the flair for drama, Libra and Scorpio cusp shows criticizing and manipulative attitude.

Motivation and passion, this is what people born under Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac cusps have in abundance. They have the courage to look forward even in the darkest hour of life. These intelligent people have great strength to fight for their rights and self-sufficient for their needs. With power, they exhibit empathy and logical approach towards life.