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  3. Tilly Trotter Wed by Catherine Cookson
  4. “Lion of the North” Gustavus Adolphus and the Thirty Years’ War: Victories and Downfall – Part II

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Your Name. Email Address. Enter the code as shown below:. Send message Please wait Copy Event URL. Events are social. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? Yes Recommended Yes Recommended. Sal appears when Roxy and Jack come to talk to Ronnie and take her home. Sal returns again in November , when she turns up uninvited for Roxy's hen party, before her wedding to Alfie Moon Shane Ritchie. Sal rudely expresses her doubts about Alfie and marriage in general, stating that women in the Mitchell family are cursed when it comes to love. She then attends the wedding, but moments after Roxy and Alfie are married, Alfie realises that he is still in love with his ex-wife, Kat Moon Jessie Wallace.

Peggy then sends Sal and Ronnie back to Walford, in a bid to try and stop the wedding. She ultimately fails in the task, but reveals Peggy's feelings at the reception to all the guests by reading a text from her sister.


To prove she is unaffected, Sharon drops her phone in a pint of beer. She returns in November for a family meal where Ronnie is arrested for murder, and she along with the other Mitchells disown Roxy after she is uncovered as the person who called the police. It is also revealed that Sal knows Claudette Hubbard Ellen Thomas , and as Sal is leaving Walford, she reminds Claudette that she knows a secret from her past, and that one day it will be revealed.

This leads to Phil's discovery that Peggy's cancer has returned and that she is dying. Peggy is hiding from them, because Sal wants all the family to know about Peggy's cancer. Ronnie denies that Peggy is there, but Sal recognises the smell of Peggy's perfume, so she reveals herself.

La Vikingas scrap- och pysselblogg

Peggy refuses to return to Sal's house, saying that Walford is her home. The sisters then embrace emotionally. After Peggy commits suicide, Sal attends her funeral in July , using a wheelchair. After the funeral, Sal explains to Sharon that Peggy called the police on her abusive husband, Eric, to protect Phil, showing Phil just how much Peggy loved him.

In September , it is shown that Grant has been staying with Sal, but he later decides to return to Portugal. Sal later returns in December for Ronnie's hen party for her second wedding to Jack, where she reveals she has taught herself how to read tarot cards. She performs this on Ronnie and Roxy.

Tilly Trotter Wed by Catherine Cookson

Ronnie selects cards that show positivity, a happy life and marriage, while Roxy selects The Fool , The Devil and Death. Roxy exclaims to Sal and Ronnie that Sal does not know what she is doing. In January , Sal attends Ronnie and Roxy's funerals, where she berates their mother, Glenda Mitchell Glynis Barber , for walking out on them when they were children, resulting in Glenda fleeing the church in tears. Anna Karen and the actress who plays Peggy, Barbara Windsor , are "best friends" in reality and Windsor has expressed how happy she was to have Karen on the cast of EastEnders.

“Lion of the North” Gustavus Adolphus and the Thirty Years’ War: Victories and Downfall – Part II

Producers decided to hire Karen after Michael French , who played "romeo" David Wicks decided to quit. They reportedly failed to lure back June Brown , who played Dot Cotton between and although they were successful in doing so a year later. They asked Karen to audition and decided she "was just the ticket".

Commenting on her casting, Karen said, "It's great to be back on the box and a real treat to be working alongside my old mate [Barbara Windsor]. Kate Lock brands Sal as "Peggy's blabbermouth sister" and "She has a hide thicker than Peggy's, a penchant for interfering and a tendency to become loud and hideously embarrassing after a couple of drinks". Please just make Aunt Sal a regular character. She'd be brilliant in the Mitchell house, nagging Phil and Sharon to death.

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