Horoscop aquarius 18 december 2019

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You might also find that there is some type of major change happening in your family dynamic. This doesn't have to be a negative shift, but it is likely to be separative and more liberating on some level. Don't stress about it.

कुंभ अक्टूबर नवंबर 2019 - Kumbh october 2019 - Aquarius November 2019 - Kumbh rashi November 2019

Instead, know that something about your living situation has become stale and now all you're doing is correcting things. Because you just don't do very well with ruts. There's also going to be one last eclipse in a serious on January 21 in your partnership sector.


Aquarius Horoscope December — Love and Career Predictions | Allure

This is a Lunar Eclipse, so if you found a shaky year in your relationship, it's possible that you and your mate will decide to say goodbye. Don't assume this has to be an ending, though. People will listen to your intelligence both in personal and professional matters. Just when you thought everything and everyone was in order merrily following your influence, the rest of the week will descend into utter chaos.

You don't do boring, water bearer — you are a revolutionary attempting to create a better world. You can't stand for unproductive or overly emotional hooligans.

Aquarius 12222 Horoscope

Thankfully, on Sunday, September 8 , the planet of warrior Mars, which is currently in Virgo, trines your ruling planet Saturn, which is in professional Capricorn. Any crises are averted and you once again feel like a mastermind. Aquarius is often described as cold and unemotional, someone who wants to make the world a better place yet doesn't always answer their best friend's text messages. You're full of depth but as an air sign, you choose your words carefully and take time to think things through.


You don't always want your lovers to see you vulnerable. Friday, September 13 , brings a full moon in philosophical Pisces. If you have some feelings to work through, spend the night alone and meditate for clarity, ideally under the light of the full moon. The moon represents change, emotions, and the world beyond what science can explain.

While these are all topics that don't come naturally to you, that's all the more reason to explore them.